Kangen 11.5 pH strong kangen

  1. Clean produce removing all pesticides, wax coating and chemicals by soaking for at least 5 minutes

  2. Clean hardwood floors without any household cleaners

  3. Use as a degreaser and remove any type of stains. Soak the area and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Blot out of carpets and wash any laundry.

  4. Clean toilets without chemical cleaner

  5. Sprout your own beans at home using 11.5 pH water.

  6. Remove makeup by spraying with 11.5 and dissolving the oils removing any residue

  7. Drink for indigestion

  8. Laundry soap- works great for grease stains and harsh greasy fast-food smells. Use 1 to 2 quartz per load in replace of detergent

  9. Helps with muscle soreness

  10. Replace all chemical cleaners such as Drano, 409, and Goo Gone.

  11. Soak meats for at least 5 minutes to clean and tenderize

  12. Good nights sleep- 1.5 oz before bed releases melatonin and promotes healthy sleeping

  13. Spray on eyes to reduce puffiness

  14. Take a hot bath replacing Epsom salts yet still enhancing detox and relaxation

  15. Use a nasal wash for stuffy or runny nose

  16. Bug spray, repellant, bug bites, pain or swelling. For bug bites soak a towel in 11.5 and leave on infected area for 30 minutes twice daily.

  17. Arthritis and gout. High alkalinity “draws out” acids and reduces inflammation and pain.

  18. Hangover cure. Drink up

  19. Migraines. As soon as you feel a migraine or headache drink multiple ounces of 11.5

  20. Ice cubes to help off-set acidic drinks

kangen 8.5-9.5 ph drinking water

  1. Drink to detox and alkalize your body.

  2. Use for steaming stir-fry

  3. Boil soups and use for cooking

  4. Wash rice, beans, and other grains

  5. Brew coffee with 9.5 pH water

  6. Weight loss drink 30 minutes before eating a meal. Most of time people are so dehydrated they think it’s a hunger cue. You’re just thirsty.

  7. Brew ice tea

  8. Give to pets to drink

  9. Restore hair color

  10. Drinking the water overtime can improve cell repair and get rid of spider veins

  11. Can improve eye vision

kangen 7.0 ph clean water

  1. Take with fast dissolving medication

  2. Use with baby formula

  3. Drink with meals if necessary

kangen 6.0 ph Beauty water

  1. Boil eggs

  2. Boil pasta

  3. Facial cleanser - wash face twice a day with Beauty Water

  4. Water indoor and outdoor plants vigorously. It can revive dying plants.

  5. Use as a hair conditioner

  6. Replace windex and use as a glass cleaner

  7. Freeze foods. Spray with beauty water before freezing to ensure it doesn't’t lose flavor.

  8. Clean eye glasses

  9. Anthocyanin containing produce- plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, and asparagus. Wash with beauty water

  10. Fabric softener- use 1 gallon per load

  11. House cleaning and polishing floors- ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, etc.

kangen 2.5 ph Strong Acidic water

  1. Pre rinse produce and meats to kill all microbes. Soak for 1 minutes before soaking in 11.5 pH. Will also kill MRSA and infections

  2. Use in place of anti-bacterial soap

  3. Facial tightening. Spray onto neck and face daily, avoiding eyes, and rub upward until dry. Finish with Beauty Water 6.0 pH

  4. Remove hard water spots. Clean water spots off of chrome and rust off of metal

  5. Remove rust

  6. Heal sore throat, strep throat and cough. Gargle 3-4 times per day or spray into the back of the throat

  7. Recover from pink eye. Spray infected eye several times per day

  8. Kills bacteria and pathogens including candida. Use on open wounds, burns, infections and to stop bleeding

  9. Vomiting- to stop throwing up drink 1-2 tablespoons

  10. Brush teeth and gargle to prevent periodontal disease and thrush & avoid root canals. Gargle, wait one minute, then rinse with 9.5 to restore pH balance

  11. Blisters, cold sores, and cancer sores. Spray and gargle to prevent sores