Water is the most important substance in the world

not all water is created equal

Introducing Kangen Water by Enagic. A revolutionary technology that changes our bodies from the inside out. Kangen water is hydrogen rich, electronically reduced performance drinking water enjoyed by professional athletes, doctors, surgeons, celebrities, and health conscious individuals around the world.

Properties of Kangen water

Highly Antioxidative

Our bodies need antioxidants to counteract the damage caused by free radicals. Although we do produce antioxidants naturally, it is generally not enough compared to the number of free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress: imagine cutting an apple in half and then leaving it on the counter all day, the browning is what happens to our insides at a slower rate. Kangen water is rich in active molecular hydrogen and has a negative ORP meaning it is alkaline on the pH scale. It is the active hydrogen molecules that neutralize the highly acidic free radicals in the body which cause aging and disease. The more we can neutralize free radicals the more toxins we can flush out of our bodies. It would take approximately 5 pounds of blueberries to get the same antioxidant benefit as 2 glasses of Kangen Water.

Micro Clustering

Water molecules come in clusters instead of single molecules. Tap water is under pressure and comes in large clusters. The ionization process breaks molecules down into tiny clusters making the water more easily absorbed into the cells. This micro clustering super hydrates the body helping to dissolve and flush out harmful toxins and acidity.


Kangen water helps create an alkaline buffer in the bloodstream which filters out harmful toxins and cleanses the colon which is extremely important for gut health. A healthy gut is linked to disease, illness, mood disorders and skin issues. So we want to make sure our gut is happy.

Water + the environment

Promoting global sustainability

Todays plastic pollution is worse than ever before. With our oceans, beaches, and land filling up with trash it is extremely important to take action and stop all single waste consumption. Over 38 billion water bottles end up in our landfill every year. That’s over 2 million tons. Over 73% of garbage found on beaches and in oceans worldwide comes from plastic and micro-plastic. Every minute over 1 million plastic water bottles are bought around the globe. These statistics are insane considering it’s highly toxic, negative side effects it has on our environment and our own health. Plastic releases harmful chemicals in the surrounding soil which seeps down into the surrounding water, ecosystems, and in turn pollutes what we drink, eat and bath or swim in

Bottled Water

Tap water is full of contaminants and chemicals that can throw off our bodies pH levels, cause bloating and discomfort, contribute to disease, skin issues and acne, and even leave you dehydrated no matter how much you drink. Crazy right? How can you drink a gallon of water and still be dehydrated? Well, due to the toxins in our water and the chemicals that go in as we gulp it down it causes a stall- our bodies are essentially fighting against it making it harder to absorb that H2O. Meaning it goes in and comes right out without benefiting the body at all.

Bottled water is glamorized tap water. Bottled water is highly acidic and is surrounded by plastic which leaches toxins and chemicals. Plastic manufacturing companies have little production regulations meaning most of the water cases you are buying are contaminated with some form of chemicals. Bottled water’s acidity affects the bodies pH and antioxidant balance. Learn more about plastic toxicity and our environment here.

Celebrities & Athletes that use Kangen Water

Bill Gates, Jillian Michaels, Beyonce, Tony Robbins, Shaquille O’neal, Jay-Z, Donald Trump, Sammy Hagar, Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Carter, Chris Angel, George Lucas, Conan O’Brien, Ryan Seacrest, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Idol, Martha Stewart, John Mayer, Barack Obama, Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, and Tiger Woods are just a few celebrities that swear by Kangen Water.