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Simple & tasty plant based recipes

Here are some of my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and smoothie recipes. Some are cooked and some are raw but all are plant based and refined sugar free. If you enjoy any of these recipes and would like to set up a custom meal plan or guide you can contact me here. For any questions regarding a plant based diet please check out the FAQ page here.

Hey there! Welcome to my kitchen where I prepare simple and tasty plant based recipes. My goal is to share healthy recipes that are easy to make, affordable, and use common whole food ingredients. I have been a plant based vegan for over 4 years and I have never felt more focused, strong, vibrant, and mental clarity in my life. I have studied nutrition and physical fitness and I believe our health and quality of life begins with the foods that we put on our plates. I am here to share my recipes, tips, tools, and daily routine so that you too can take your health into your own hands. Plant based meals are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients naturally. With the proper cooking techniques and natural seasonings you can make some foodie magic! We are all energy, everything around us is energy, food is energy. Plants are living energy so when we consume plants we feel alive! There is no downside to a plant based lifestyle. Learn more here…